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Processing Time of Applications for Schengen Visa

Dear Applicant,

On instructions of the Greek Consulate in New Delhi, there are important time constraints as to the granting of Schengen visas:

"As per Schengen legislation, the stipulated processing time of an application is up to 15 working days, calculated from the day the application has been received by the Embassy of Greece and it is considered admissible. That period may be extended up to a maximum of 45 calendar days in individual cases, notable when further scrutiny of the application is needed (additional number of days might be needed, in case the Embassy requests the submission of additional documents or interview with the applicants).

Please take into consideration that although the time for the decision of the Consul for your visa application is taken in one week, depending on the location of the Visa Application Centre that you will apply it takes some days until your application arrives at the Embassy of Greece, due to courier time needed for the applications to be dispatched to and from New Delhi to other locations/cities, as follows:

1. Time for the delivery of applications in India

  • Applications from New Delhi:     5 days
  • Applications from the rest of India: 6-8 days

2. Time for the delivery of applications from Nepal, Sri Lanka: 10-15 days, due to courier required days to/from GVCW in Kathmandu and Colombo and the Embassy of Greece in New Delhi.


In order to better organize your trip to Greece, we recommend that you take into account the above visa processing time.

As applications peak during the months of April through July, it is advisable to apply well in advance. You may submit your application no more than 6 months before your planned trip (and no more than 9 months if you are a seafarer who intends to perform his/her duties)

The Embassy of Greece shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss incurred, in case the application is submitted less than 15 days (plus the days for delivery of the passports, as described above), before the travel starts or other delays due to force majeure."