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Important notice for visa applicants

Due to the travel restrictions in Greece given the impact of the ongoing global pandemic, kindly note that applications for a Greek visa will be accepted by GVCW, only by invitation after a prior approval of the Embassy of Greece is obtained by the applicant, and only for the following categories:

  1. Students, who have received the letter of acceptance from Greek Colleges/Universities.
  2. Workers in the agriculture and fisheries sector, who have obtained the necessary Decision from the Greek Ministry of Interior.
  3. Seafarers, only if they have an invitation from authorised Greek shipping companies and in possession of a valid CDC.
  4. Only visitors who need to travel to Greece and have proven, beyond doubt, that their travel is for exceptional reasons.

Once the above cases are considered by the Embassy of Greece for further processing, the applicants will be invited by GVCW to submit their applications.

At present, given the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, the Embassy of Greece is not accepting any applications for processing of family reunification visas or any other D-type National Visa, unless for a duly justified exceptional reason.